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CO 1 Int Bn 2019 Reading List

By The Cove May 14, 2019

Here the CO of the Australian 1st Intelligence Battalion shares his 2019 reading list. This reading list provides a range of professional readings recommended for all ranks in the unit, focused on specialist intelligence skills and the wider profession of arms. The list is intended to provide useful works that are foundational for intelligence professionals across a range of topics:

  • Intelligence General
  • Adversaries and Small Wars
  • Influence and PSYOPS
  • Human Intelligence
  • Signals Intelligence
  • Interrogation
  • Analysis tradecraft
  • Geospatial Intelligence
  • Amphibious Operations and Intelligence
  • Airpower
  • Deception and Counter Intelligence
  • Open Source and Social Media Intelligence
  • Special Operations
  • Decision making
  • Military Leadership and planning
  • National Intelligence Agencies
  • Australian Military History
  • Cyber Operations
  • Future warfare



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