Click here to quickly download the three parts of the Guide: Understanding Resilience; Promoting Unit Resilience and Enhancing Commander Resilience and Performance

Resilience continues to be one of Commander Forces Command's top three Command priorities, with the aim of developing the collective ability to thrive in complexity and adversity. The Commanders’ Guide to Resilience outlines flexible and evidence based approaches to achieve this aim, and will assist you to enhance team resilience by tailoring training that integrates resilience and other activities, such as adventure training. 

The three parts of the Guide are about understanding resilience, developing unit resilience, and a self-care toolbox for commanders. Leaders are among the most important resilience role models for soldiers; this toolbox outlines ways to maintain the high levels of resilience required to effectively command a unit.

This Guide will assist you in building and maintaining resilience within units, and to develop innovative ways of doing so. For feedback on this Guide, the point of contact is Psych Cell Headquarters Forces Command on