Thank you for your interest in contributing to The Cove. Our website offers a unique space where anyone within Defence can contribute to Professional Military Education (PME). You do not need supervisor or chain-of-command approval. We welcome submissions from all ranks and services, Australian Public Service, Defence industry, and foreign military partners. We appreciate your effort to share your reflections and critique related to the profession of arms. Your ideas have the potential to influence others and make valuable change.

Follow these guidelines to assist your submission through our publication process.

What must you do?

  1. Read these submission guidelines.
  2. Consider providing a copyright-free cover image to be published with your article. The Defence Image Gallery is our go-to site. Alternatively, look for material which is ‘Public Domain’ or Creative Common 0 ‘CC0’ classified. If using a google search, select Settings > Advanced Search > Usage Rights > Creative Commons Licence. Provide the URL of the location from where the image was sourced. If using an image from elsewhere, provide information to attribute credit to the originator. If in doubt, leave it out, or contact us for further guidance.
  3. Include a short 2 – 4 sentence biography. Keep it professional, as we will not publish personal or family information to protect your personal privacy.
  4. Peer review your submission. Find a close friend, respected peer, or an Education Officer from your nearest AEC.
  5. Note that submission of your work for publication on The Cove website assigns ownership to the Department of Defence (Professional Military Education Cell). Further information on this is included in the 'Make A Submission' page. You must advise the Cove Team if you have published your contribution elsewhere or if you have already assigned copyright to your work. If you do not wish to do this, have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us at

What can you contribute?

We are looking for articles or multimedia (short podcast or video up to ten minutes) related to the profession of arms. Submissions need to show critical thinking and clearly communicated ideas. Alternatively, an insightful reflection that would benefit a wide audience. When preparing your submission, be mindful that we are an official Defence website.

How should you write?

Submissions need to be suitable for our website, or a mobile device, which is why we recommend:

  • Aim for between 500 – 1500 words (2 pages)
  • Write in an active voice. This will help keep your word count down.
  • Know your intended audience. In fact, state who you hope to appeal to and why your content is important to them.
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Approximately 20 words per sentence and 80 words per paragraph.
  • Where appropriate, use clear and meaningful headings and sub headings. Only if this helps the flow of your work.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms – try to appeal to a general audience who may not be experts in your field.
  • Format: MS word, 12 font. We have limited formatting on our webpage – sorry! We can include 1 level of sub-paragraphs
    1. Like this is ok.
      • This extra numbered sub-list is problematic.
  • If you intend to use images in the body of your article, indicate the location in text (i.e. 'Image 1 here'). Then, name and submit the jpeg as separate files during your submission. This will result in better quality resolution upon publication.
  • We only publish official/unclassified information.
  • We will try not to censor considered critique. However, be cautious in tone and word choice when critiquing things such as (but not limited to): The Australian Department of Defence and Government; Australian allies; foreign militaries and their inherent capabilities; and/or other nations and their associated legal structures.  

Some extra tips

  • Don’t have access to someone who can review your work? Use Hemingway Editor for some immediate feedback. Aim for a Grade 8 readability score.
  • Try to include reliable (unlikely to change) web hyperlinks (if required).
  • Our website and your biography is viewable to a broad audience; therefore, we recommend checking your social media privacy settings are secure.
  • We have listed The Cove's formatting preferences here.  
  • We accept a range of contributions to create a rich and varied offering to our participants; however, we will not publish any work that does not uphold Defence values.
  • Please do not re-submit papers from personal educational courses. If the content is worth sharing, consider simplifying the paper to appeal to an article format. 
  • If you are submitting a media file all sound FX, music and supporting imagery must be ‘Public Domain’ or Creative Common 0 ‘CC0’ classified. It is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission to use any copyrighted material that is not their own in their submission. Proof of these permissions will need to be supplied and appropriate acknowledgement given in the submission.
  • The Cove Team will keep you informed as your submission progresses through the editorial process. 
  • Include your Twitter handle if you would like to be mentioned on The Cove's Twitter.

Be aware that when you click ‘submit’ you agree to give the Australian Army ownership of your work. This includes ownership of all written and personal media files.

If you do not wish to do this, have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us at

We look forward to receiving and publishing your submission. Thanks again for contributing to The Cove and to professional discussion within the profession of arms.