This CoveTalk analysed the concept of mobilisation with Major Zach Lambert and Major Dave Caligari. Livestreamed here on The Cove on Thursday, 27 October 2022 from Victoria Barracks, Sydney. 

In this CoveTalk, Zach and Dave discussed the various factors that affect mobilisation, including:

  • the four stages of mobilisation,
  • the phases of unit readiness,
  • fundamental inputs to capability (FIC) across the four stages of mobilisation, and
  • issues impacting mobilisation, including equipment, supplies, hollowness, scaling and governance risk.

During the livestream, viewers sent in questions to the Cove Team for the Q&A held following the talk.

Mobilisation is crucial activity that affects all corps within Army, so thank you to all who attended in-person and online. Check out the entire CoveTalk below and find out more about this critical and timely topic.