Like our reading lists in #ReadingforWar, but turned off by the cost of buying the books yourself? Well fret no more...

The Defence Library Service (DLS) runs a Digital Media Library through a service called Overdrive. This contains literally thousands of military-focused eBooks and audiobooks that you can borrow for free. The Digital Media Library is available on any device at this link.

But wait! Before you can start using it, you need a DLS library card so you can take books out and access the podcasts. This is only for Australian Defence Force members, so you need to fill out an application form. But don't go hunting, we've got your back. You can get the form with all the details here

Once you've registered and got your library card, you can start downloading. The Cove is now partnering with the DLS to ensure you can get the easiest access to our Reading Lists as possible. You can now find them as 'collections', where the DLS staff have pulled all the eBooks into a single place to make it easy. 

Good learning, and good soldering. All our thanks to the DLS for their enthusiasm and hard work. What a team.