In early 2016 the Australian Army published the Ryan Review, a root-and-branch examination of Army's education, training and doctrine system.

One of the key conclusions of the Review was the need for Army to re-energise Professional Military Education (or 'PME').  A dedicated 'PME Cell' was formed within FORCOMD to support this, tasked with developing a future strategy for PME for Army.

This strategy is now being developed.  But in order for it to be done right, the PME Cell needs your views.  So, they are publishing a series of what they are calling 'PME Investigation Papers'.  Their research team are diving deep into facets of the profession of arms, casting a wide net for influences and opinions that will better prepare Army for the future.

The Cove is proud to present the first of these papers.  In this 13 page article Claire Von Wald, an experienced researcher and doctrine writer, compares civilian professional development with Army 'prodev'.

She looks at how doctors and lawyers are 'educated' into their professions, examining the ways standards are set and what 'hurdles' have to be passed.  She then looks at the relative importance given to continuous 'prodev', and the responsibility of practitioners to contribute to the 'Professional Body of Knowledge' (PBK).  Finally Claire uses an unemotive eye to look at implications for Army PME, and the intellectual development of the profession of arms.

What do you think of the analysis?  Do you think we are comparable to doctors and lawyers, or does the profession of arms stand alone?  Should we be setting higher educational standards for entry, or requiring deeper study in war prior to 'initiation' into the profession?  Do we put enough focus on developing our own PBK?

Future papers will look at such facets as 'Prodev Across Nations' and 'Who Needs Education'.  The PME Strategy will have implications across Army, so we would also love to hear what else you think we should investigate.  We have an unrivalled, connected capacity to 'crowdsource' the future ... so use your voice and hit 'contribute'.