In this edition we look at the movie Gallipoli and in particular the final scene where Archy Hamilton, along with his mates, are awaiting the order to go over the parapet of the trenches. Previously the men had been ordered over the trenches in a wall in waves, only to be repeatedly mowed down by the enemy, every last one of them, by entrenched enemy machine gun positions. While they know it is certain death, they still do as ordered.

The clip below (can only be viewed off DPN) depicts the scene from the movie.  Allow 5-7 minutes for soldiers to view the clip and then you can either use the questions below to create a discussion or come up with your own questions.


Discussion Points

  1. Given all the circumstances and even though death is all but a certainty, how would you muster the courage to go over the parapet?
  2. Should have the Australian officer in command have ordered the men to attack?
  3. What does this film tell you about the importance of soldiers doing what they say they will do?
  4. Why is the Gallipoli campaign so meaningful for Australia now?


Reflection is an important element of learning. It allows us to consider theories or events, and understand how they might apply to us. One way to conduct reflection is using the 'what, so what, now what' process. In this instance, this process could be used like this:

  • WHAT did I learn from considering this scenario?
  • SO WHAT am I going to do about what I’ve learned?
  • NOW WHAT does that learning mean for my own practice as a military professional?

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Concluding Comments

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