The team at The Cove know that you are busy and we know that you often struggle to get the time to conduct PME. We know that there may be times, whether it be at the range, in the field or even in the barracks where you may have a spare 10-30 minutes and want to use this time meaningfully but may not have the time to prepare. Here at The Cove we have prepared some Quick Military Education (QME) exercises that will use your time effectively to educate and develop your soldiers.

PME doesn’t have to be a weekly lecture in the Officers Mess or a round table with the CO. PME for soldiers can be as simple as printing out a blog post you’ve read and sharing it with your immediate team or network. A simple soldier’s five on what it means to you and why others should hear it is more than enough to increase your knowledge, and that of your mates. PME could also include a discussion on a current world event and what it means to you and the Australian Army. How about what’s happening in Iraq at the moment and how it affects your chance of a trip to Taji on the next rotation? Maybe PME could be watching a movie. Many excellent books have also been made into movies. Most of history’s key events have featured in movies in some form, and provide a good starting point for expanding your knowledge.
– Daniel Cowen in PME is Not Just for Officers

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The information in this package is designed to help junior commanders to develop and deliver PME in the unit environment. If you have suggestions for improvements – additional readings or reference material, alternative discussion points, new delivery methods – or if you just want to provide feedback, please contact The Cove  Team via