Understanding the geopolitics of our world is fundamental to us as military professionals. While the Army training continuum prepares us for our roles it is not exhaustive and does not encompass the ever changing geopolitical environment. It is our responsibility as members of the Profession of Arms to keep across our ever-changing environment. The Directorate of Army Education is helping make that task of understanding the geopolitics of our region easier through a series of resources hosted on The Cove to assist commanders and leaders to prepare educational packages to improve cultural competence of our region across Army. In the upcoming months, The Cove will release five summaries on a consistent list of topics for each specific country. It is prepared as a collection of video, podcast, articles and web resources designed to give a range of understanding from overview to in-depth. References are open source and not peer-reviewed. They are a collection of what the Directorate of Army Education team deem to give you the most knowledge in the most succinct means possible. There are also questions available at the end of each article to easily enable commanders to arrange a collective discussion on the content provided. 

See below for all of the separate pages in the KYR series.

Brunei - Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economy, Hot Topics

Samoa and American Samoa - Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economy, Hot Topics

Tonga - Diplomacy, Information, Military, Economy, Hot Topics

Antarctica – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Laos – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Singapore – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue 

Cambodia – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Malaysia – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Thailand – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Indonesia – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Vietnam – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomySpecial Issue

Philippines – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomyHot Topics

Fiji – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomyThe Vuvale Partnership

The Koreas – The Korean Divide and the Korean WarDiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomy

Japan – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomyContemporary Issues 

Papua New Guinea  DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomyHot Topics 

China – DiplomacyInformationMilitaryEconomyHot Topics 

FORCOMD Task Order 205/21 (DSN) provides additional direction and guidance to Formations and TCs on the need for cultural competence of our region across Army.

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