There is something for everyone in this collection of PME essays written by members of 3 Brigade as part of the Brigade's professional development program in 2019. Some of the titles may look familiar as they have been published on The Cove previously, however there is some great new material that is well worth the read.

The complete collection of Lavarack Papers are below, including the PDF of the original paper and a link to the Cove article if published previously.

Reflections on the First Katari War by Lieutenant Colonel Grant Shottenkirk

Cove Article | Reflections on the First Katari War


Synchronising Multi Domain Operations using the Breach Mindset by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Pembroke


The Thinking Combat Brigade: A Dominant and Prestigious Force by Major Callum Muntz

Cove Article | Thinking Combat Brigade: A Dominant and Prestigious Force


Synchronising Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects in High Intensity Operations by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Duncan

Cove Article | Synchronising Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects in High Intensity Operations | Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019


Taking the Initiative in Battle by Major Beau Hodge

Cove Article | Taking the Initiative in Battle


The Combat Engineer Regiment: A Mechanised Outlook Into 2030 by Lieutenant Emma Forward


Two Critical Requirements of Medium Reconnaissance in Multi-Domain Operations by Major Tom Day


Distributed Sustainment: Capability to Make it Possible by Major Daniel King


Is Australian Army Logistics Ready for Accelerated Warfare? by Lieutenant Michael Savins


What a Mess! The Combat Brigade Fostering Combined Arms Teaming by Major Emlyn Mordike


The Vanguard: Lessons Learnt from the Mechanisation of Combat Team A, 3 RAR by Major Christian Johnston

Cove Article | The Vanguard: Lessons Learnt by a Combat Team Commander during Mechanisation