Another great international partner of ours is the Canadian Army. We share many similar values and beliefs around leadership and ethics. Here the Cove presents Leadership in the Canadian Forces. The manual provides a unified doctrinal basis for all Officer and Non-commissioned Officer leadership training and education in the Canadian Armed Forces. It also constitutes essential guidance for leadership practice at all levels.

For leaders in training, the manual serves as an introduction to the Canadian Forces view of leadership. For more experienced leaders, it suggests areas of additional study and development. For senior level leaders, the manual highlights their unique strategic and professional responsibilities and provides a framework to assist them in developing the next generation of leaders.

As far as doctrine goes, this is a fairly concise document which is much easier to tackle than the leadership doctrine of many other nations. There are five chapters contained in the document – have a read of each of them and share your thoughts on whether the Canadian Forces approach to leadership doctrine is one we could learn from.