Strategic Theory for the 21st Century: The Little Book on Big Strategy is an excellent resource written by Harry Yarger. The document in its entirety comprehensively explains the concept of strategy; however, at 83 pages, it may be a little long to absorb. So there are a few key areas to focus on within the six chapters for those who don't have a lot of time on their hands:

  • pp 1-3: an explanation of what strategy is in simple terms
  • pp 47-48: clarification that strategy is not the same as planning
  • pp 48-55: a detailed look at objectives (ends) which explain what is to be accomplished: getting them right is what matters most
  • pp 55-60: focuses on developing strategic concepts (ways) which explain how the objectives are to be accomplished by the employment of the instruments of power
  • pp 60-62: looks at resources (means) in strategy formation in order to determine the types and levels of resources that are necessary to support the concepts of strategy
  • pp 66-68: examines the 15 assumptions and premises of strategy
  • pp 69-70: a more condensed version of strategy through 'ends, ways and means'

This publication comes highly recommended by a number of our academic experts in understanding strategy, so be sure to take a look at the recommended sections.