Reading Lists Available on the Defence Protected Network

By The Cove March 8, 2017


The Defence Library Service (DLS) has again found a way to make accessing the books on the Cove's 'Reading for War' reading lists as easy as possible for Australian Defence Force members.

In addition to consolidating the Cove reading lists on the Digital Media Library  they are now also available on the DLS Defence Protected Network (DPN) page. (http://drnet/dsrg/DDLS/Defence-Library-Services/Pages/COVE-Reading-List.... - link only available on the DPN).

All you need to do is cut and paste the link into Chrome on the DPN.  From the DLS webpage you can directly access books via the Digital Media Library or you can request a hard copy of the book from the library catalogue.

Thanks again to the DLS for their support of the Cove and their help in making 'Reading for War' books available to all.



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