In October last year, we published a 'case method' wargame based around the Battle of Wanat that took place in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan in 2008. This has been one of our most viewed posts so far, with over 2000 people accessing it in a month.

Last week one of our users, Lachlan Poppins, (@lachlan_poppins) sent us the link to a Modern War Institute podcast with Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitt, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Wanat. The podcast is at this link.

This podcast is a must listen, particularly if you have looked in detail at the Wanat case method study. SSG Pitt puts you right in the field of fire. Think they didn't do enough with their Surveillance and Target Aquisition Plan? Listen to SSG Pitt talk about their reasoning. Want to understand the intensity of the fire? Listen to SSG Pitt talk about the hail of RPGs that hit them. Want to know how they dealt with the casualties? Listen to SSG Pitt talk about loss under fire. Even more importantly, listen to him talk at the end about cross-training and leadership.

You can read more about SSG Pitt and his Medal of Honor at the following US Army page.

Have you seen a 'case method' like Wanat that we should use on The Cove? Let us know in the comments.