The Cove is pleased to expand upon our first instalment of Soldier's 5s video clips with content brought to you by the Army School of Health (ASH).

In this edition SMEs from ASH provide some easily consumable tips on combat first aid. These clips are great for a quick refresher prior to running some drills, or as part of a larger lesson.

The Cove would like to thank the Army School of Health for creating the videos below.

The Cove Team will be working on creating more in the future; if you have any ideas on the topics you would like published please contact us at or place your comments in the remarks section below.

Interested in submitting your own video? These days making videos cannot be easier. While a camera and microphone recommended, it can be as simple as pointing and shooting with your phone. If you are using your phone, we recommend either using a microphone or just filming video and inserting the audio later on a free video editing app. The Cove accepts video submission from contributors - if you have video content to submit and need assistance in transferring the file/s, email us at the address above to discuss.

Soldier's 5s - Casualty Care


Two Person Drag


Casualty Treatment


Initial First Aid under Fire (Responsive)


Initial First Aid under Fire (Unresponsive)