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Theater Land Operations: Observations and Lessons from Iraq

By The Cove May 16, 2019


In 2015, the Coalition Combined Joint Force Land Component Command (CJFLCC) in charge of the joint fight to destroy Islamic State in Iraq was based on the Headquarters of the 101st Airborne Division. This CJFLCC was the lead agency for a nineteen-nation coalition, and in order to achieve it's mission of defeating Slamic State it required a diverse and active advise-and-assist network.

Mission accomplishment necessitated the establishment of combined, joint, and supporting fires; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities; and logistical networks to enable Iraqi Security Force (ISF) operations. This was supported by a force generation effort to prepare, train, and equip key units of the ISF for combat against Deash.

In this Army University Press article 'Theater Land Operations: Relevant Observations and Lessons from the Combined Joint Land Force Experience in Iraq' US Army Lieutenant General Gary Volesky and Australian Army Major General Roger Noble share the significant lessons learnt from this fight.  



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