Tips for New Sub-Unit Commanders

By The Cove December 13, 2021

Having seen the popularity of The Cove's Tips for New Commanding Officers page, we've decided to dig into The Cove's back catalogue and put together a similar resource for sub-unit commanders. The links below are specific for sub-unit command and include reflections and guidance to help you best prepare for what will be the most important appointment of your career so far.

Army Knowledge Centre - Sub-Unit Command Handbook 2021

In 2021 Army Knowledge Centre released an updated Sub-Unit Command Handbook. This is a handy guide compiled from observations from OCs and SMs who have worked in a sub-unit HQ. The guide is divided into six parts:

  1. Preparation for Sub-Unit Command
  2. Getting Established
  3. Routines
  4. Ready Now and Future Ready
  5. Common Issues and Solutions
  6. Dealing with Significant Issues


We wish those undertaking their sub-unit command the very best for their postings. We'd love it if those who have experienced sub-unit command write a reflection and advice for others.



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