Since the early days of the Ukraine conflict in 2022, The Cove has been receiving your submissions on issues around this conflict. It's the largest peer to peer conflict in some time, and as military professionals we should be watching closely to see what we can learn from the lessons of both sides. 

The Australian Army Research Centre published the first Spotlight Brief of 2022 centred on 'The Strategic Circumstances of the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War'. It provides an introduction and context, then discusses Ukraine's particular strategic circumstances and provides an overview of the chain of events which led to it. These include factors such as: geography, history, demography, economy and diplomacy. 

Use this index to explore articles written about the Ukraine conflict:

We welcome your thoughts on any aspect of the conflict. If you have an article on the Russo-Ukrainian War, please consider submitting to The Cove. As the situation is changing quickly, we will prioritise the editing of anything time critical and get it published ASAP.