Operational Art

What is Operational Art (keeping it simple?)

By The Cove May 15, 2019


Have you ever felt overwhelmed by complex definitions and explanations for higher-level military concepts?  Did you ever wish that you could just get a simple and concise version, rather than wading through a lengthy text or article as you try and wrap your head around what they're trying to explain? Well when it comes to simplifying the 'Operational Art,' encyclopedia.com has attempted to do just that.  

In less than a page, the site breaks it down for us, explaining that operational art forms a bridge between strategy, defining the political aims of a war, and tactics, fighting the battles of a war. We know this really is the simple version of explaining a complex subject, and acknowledge there are a lot of other resources to consult, but we think this is a pretty good place to start before diving in to the more complex readings on the subject.



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