Junket is an annual 'un-conference' held by Junkee, an award winning Australian media brand.

It's called an 'un-conference' because, unlike a standard conference, no agenda is set and no presentations are given. Instead participants pitch ideas into conversations, which are run as 'streams'.

You have to be invited to attend the Junket. In 2016 Australian soldier Jonathan Batten was invited to not only attend, but also to write for the Junket website on his views on the Australian Army and leadership.

A fifteen year veteran with two tours of Afghanistan and one each in Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands, Jonathan was faced with the challenge of explaining leadership in the Army to an entirely civilian (and pretty hip) audience.

You can read his blog here.

What do you think of Jonathan's views? Has he got it right? How important do you think the Army's relationship with society is? Should we be doing more, or less, of things like the Junket?