With the 5-year 'Pathways to Change' program coming to a close, it is time for Army to consider 'what next?'

A forthcoming Army discussion paper, 'Teaming: Optimising Military Capability for the Coming Era of Equality: 2020 to 2050', considers deeply the gender dimensions of military operations out to 2050. It distills research in both men's studies and women's studies to consider afresh what this means for teamwork. Teaming seeks to empower Army leaders with knowledge so they are best prepared for the social-cultural terrain ahead. Teaming will be released via the AHQ publications website and The Cove will advertise the link. The author Liz Boulton will expand upon Teaming-related themes through some podcasts and blogs. Other contributions and responses are welcome. To kick-start this discussion, today Liz is in conversation with Wyatt Frazer to discuss why he named his daughter after Australia's most famous war heroine, Nancy Wake, AC GM, and to hear his thoughts about fatherhood in the modern Army.

About the guest: Wyatt Frazer is an Ordnance Officer who is currently posted to the Army School of Logistics Operations as a Senior Instructor. He has served with infantry, armour, artillary, aviation, combat service service and training units.