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Andrew Cox & Simon Vescio

Simon is the CEO at Hawkeye Gissing Bryant (HGB), and has previously deployed to East Timor and Afghanistan in mentoring roles as a qualified JTAC & JFO. Simon has a wealth of experience in managing, designing and implementing training solutions. Prior to joining HGB, Simon spent four years as a training coordinator at the School of Artillery, designing the delivering and amending Joint Fires training programs to the ADF. He is currently the lead training developer for Joint Terminal Attack Controller within the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Andrew is the simulation supervisor at HGB. He has previously deployed to East Timor as a rifleman and Afghanistan twice in both security and mentoring roles as a JFO. Prior to joining HGB, Andrew has served many years in the ADF including postings to 3 Bde, RAAF, Williamstown and the School of Artillery. He has experience in analysing, designing and managing the implementation of training solutions to both ADF and private sectors. Andrew is currently employed by HGB in multiple projects involving biometrics, state emergency management simulation, radio networking and 3D battlespace management simulation (including air, land and sea) as well as tri-service radar.