Brendan Robinson

Brendan Robinson is a graduate of the UK Command and Staff College and the Royal Military College Duntroon. Trained as a mechanical engineer at the Australian Defence Force Academy, he has served with armoured, infantry and logistics units and has deployed twice. He now manages the sensitive and strategic incidents that arise from Army’s largest command, Forces Command. He maintains an interest in good writing, world affairs and Army modernisation.

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Unit PME

Book review of Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death by Jim Frederick

This book was proposed by LTCOL Brendan Robinson at the recent Headquarters Forces Command PME activity for the Forces Command 2020-21 Reading List.

By Brendan Robinson

Break In

Slow down! Some analysis and recommendations on improving G Wagon driver safety in Army

Forces Command’s Incident Manager, LTCOL Brendan Robinson, has an important message on G Wagon safety as we ramp up to the Joint Warfare Series.

By Brendan Robinson

War Room

With Skill and Fighting

An article about future maintenance in the Australian Army

By Brendan Robinson

War Room

Hybrid Warfare: Is it a thing?

A summary of the 7th Brigade / ASPI Hybrid Warfare Symposium of 22nd November 2016

By Brendan Robinson