Kathleen Pisani


Major Kathleen Pisani is a Health Officer currently posted as an OC at the School of Infantry. Her previous postings have involved working in close and general health battalions, in a Brigade HQ Operations Cell as well as being trained as a linguist at the Defence Force School of Languages. She has conducted international engagement activities in Malaysia and Thailand; and has worked as a Health Development Officer for the Army Aboriginal Community Assistance Programme. Major Pisani is a volunteer for the NSW State Emergency Service and a member of the United Nations Association of Australia.

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In this article we join Captain Kathleen Pisani on a voyage of self discovery.

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Break In

An Entrenched Culture - Part One: What the Army could learn from the Emergency Services

This article posits that entrenched Army culture holds it back from being as effective as it could be in domestic operations, drawing on examples and lessons from Operation NSW FLOOD ASSIST 2021.

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