Malcolm Woodside

Captain Malcolm Woodside leads the Communication, Education and Learning Technologies Section of the Aviation Trades and Training Branch, Headquarters, Army Aviation Training Centre, Oakey. His small team develops and produces a wide range of Blended Learning materials for aviation courses. He is an Education Officer in the Royal Australian Army Educational Corps, and he has filled a range of instructor and training system positions. Since joining Army in 1996, Captain Woodside has completed four degrees and three diplomas. He supported his wife, now of over thirty-two years, as she completed the Doctor of Philosophy degree. They have five adult children and three grandchildren together. Captain Woodside volunteers at a local council's English conversation classes for new Australians. He also enjoys spending time with his family, as well as reading, walking and dancing.


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Blended Learning, Digital Natives and the Effective Application of Learning Technologies in Army

In this week's long read, Malcolm Woodside examines how the Army Learning Environment can be adapted to better accommodate Digital Natives.

By Malcolm Woodside