Nick Floyd


Lieutenant Colonel Nick Floyd has over 30 years’ regular service with the Royal Australian Artillery in gun regiments, instructional institutions, Army and Defence Headquarters, and has served on warlike operations in Iraq (2005, 2017) and Afghanistan (2010). As a Director of the Royal Australian Artillery Historical Company, he convened the Firepower: Lessons from the Great War Seminar Series. He has postgraduate degrees in History and in Defence Studies, and was the Army Contributing Historian to Australia’s Official History Project in 2018-19. He is also a published author for Clash of the Gods of War


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Australian Army, the Department of Defence or the Australian Government.

Unit PME

A reflection on the future of Australian Artillery – 1871 to 2021 and beyond

Happy 150th Birthday to all the gunners out there, past and present. Here is a little snippet of your history and where the corps is heading in the future.

By Nick Floyd