Nitin Biswas

Nitin Biswas is an Instructor at the Army School of Logistic Operations. He has served operationally in Timor Leste and Afghanistan. His postings include various logistic and mechanised infantry units as a vehicle mechanic as well as 1 RTB and 1 INT BN as a HUMINT Operator, where he travelled to the USA to train with FVEY partners. As a CPL he was awarded the Brigadier H.L.C Martins OBE award recognising high standards of trade ability, leadership and community involvement. His current role incorporates transforming the SUB TWO CPL RAEME and SUB TWO SGT utilising simulation to enhance course content.


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Army School of Logistic Operations - Better Utilising Technology for Career Development and Beyond

Nitin Biswas takes us though how the instructors at ASLO are updating the training using technology.

By Nitin Biswas