Paul Duncan

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Duncan is currently the Commanding Officer of 4th Regiment, RAA.
Lieutenant Colonel Duncan has commanded at multiple levels. As a Captain, he commanded 53rd Battery, School of Artillery. As a Major, he commanded 105th Battery and was the Battery Commander of Mentoring Task Force – One. As a Lieutenant Colonel he has commanded the Australian Contingent in Sinai; and the 4th Regiment, RAA.
Lieutenant Colonel Duncan has deployed on operations to East Timor (’00), Bougainville (’02), Sinai (’16) and has completed three tours of Afghanistan (’07, ’10 and ’13).


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War Room

Synchronising Lethal and Non-Lethal Effects in High Intensity Operations | Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019

This article highlights lessons learnt by the 3rd Brigade's Joint Fires and Effects Coordination Centre (based on 4th Regiment, RAA) whilst participating in the US-led Joint Warfighting Assessment 2019.

By Paul Duncan