Tara Bucknall

Tara Bucknall joined the Army in 1988 and is currently the Deputy Commander of the Australian Army Cadets, a role she says is her most challenging and rewarding military appointment. She particularly enjoys the opportunity to provide a youth development program that inspires the youth of Australia to be better community members of today and the future.

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Unit PME

Book Review: The Tyrannicide Brief by Geoffrey Robertson

Tara Bucknall reviews Geoffrey Robertson's 'The Tyrannicide Brief', a book that has influenced her and she rates for professional development.

By Tara Bucknall


Symbols of Remembrance

When she was asked to speak at her niece's school, Tara Bucknall decided to talk about some of the symbolism around Remembrance and what they mean to Australians. This article is a transcript of her speech.

By Tara Bucknall


Australian Army Cadets – Australia’s most enduring Hearts and Minds Military Campaign

How much do you know about the Australian Army Cadets? If you want to know more, have a read of this article from Tara Bucknall.

By Tara Bucknall