The Cove is calling for your submissions throughout 2023!

If you have something to share, be it an opinion piece; a research article; a book review; or lessons-learned based on your own experiences, you can submit your content anytime through The Cove. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, we welcome submissions from all levels of experience – The Cove is here to provide a platform for all individuals, regardless of rank or background, including non-Army members.

Writing long-form articles isn't for you? We would also love to receive multimedia submissions in other forms, such as a podcast, audio article, or even video content.

We are interested in topics that fall into any of our key study areas – Art & Science of War; Art & Science of Thinking; Leadership, Ethics & Society; Organisation, People, & Projects; and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

If you're interested in writing for The Cove, then the start of the year is a great time to set a goal and include it in your PAR. Whilst The Cove has a bunch of ideas and content already in production we wish to draw upon your personal views, knowledge and experience, and in doing so encourage the contest of ideas.

And for Units, Formations, Headquarters, and other branches – are you planning seminars or conferences in 2023 that the rest of the force may benefit from viewing? Why not arrange to have your PME event livestreamed here on The Cove? Contact us at to discuss livestreaming and recording opportunities.

Themes for 2023

If you need some inspiration to get writing, why not contribute something as part of our 2023 Themes? This year, The Cove will be placing particular emphasis on the following topics:

  1. Combined Arms – If you have something to say about Combined Arms planning, execution and training, it’s time to share your thoughts. Some possible topics include: 'Train to the point of failure - Do we really mean this?' 'Are we attentive to the rule 'you don't rise to the occasion, but fall to the level of your training?'; 'How do we enhance post-H hour decision making?'; 'Do we have the right balance between battle drills and planning?; 'What is tactical risk management to you?' - or any other topic related to Combined Arms!
  2. Wargaming – Interested in the use of wargaming as a tool for developing tactical acumen? This year we will be furthering our exploration of wargaming, starting with the launch of our latest Cove Feature.
  3. Better Thinking – Are you interested in the science of cognition and how it affects decision-making? Pen a piece under our Better Thinking theme and get right to heart of what gives us the Intellectual Edge.
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Quantum Technologies – How will recent and emerging technological advancements in AI and quantum impact the Joint Force? Procurement, design, employment, ethics, and processes – how will these be affected?
  5. Cove Challenge (May 2023) – Will be holding our annual Cove Challenge again this year, where we focus on a selected questions designed to provide advice to junior members, and invite short responses of 100 words. Cove Challenge is a great way to contribute in a simple and easy format.
  6. Cove Competition (August 2023) – The Cove Competition is our annual writing contest. We will announce our competition topic in late August with competition results announced in September. Cove Comp is a fantastic way to flex your writing skills and be in the running to win some great prizes.

Anything, anytime

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your articles today and join our community of PME contributors. (Better yet, submit 10 and become a Cove Frequent Contributor!)

If you have any queries about submitting to The Cove, contact us at

We're excited to be the space where you can contribute to the Professional Military Education of our Army. You will never know what impact your thoughts may have on someone else, or the organisation, unless you’re willing to share them. So get writing today and help enhance our Intellectual Edge!

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