The Cove is calling for your submissions throughout 2024!

Do you have some knowledge you want to share with the force? Have experiences that others might benefit from? Whether it's an essay, op-ed, a research article, a book review, or lessons-learned based on your own experiences, we want your submissions! It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, we welcome submissions from all levels of experience – The Cove is here to provide a platform for all individuals, regardless of rank or background, including non-Army members. As long as it related to the profession of arms, we want to publish your content.

Writing long-form articles isn't for you? You can make submissions in other forms of multimedia, such as a podcasts, audio articles, or even videos!

We are interested in topics that fall into any of our key study areas – Art & Science of War (ASW); Art & Science of Thinking (AST); Leadership, Ethics & Society (LES); Organisation, People, & Projects (OPP); and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). If it's about professional mastery within Army, then it's suitable for PME!

Units, Formations, Headquarters, and other branches: Are you planning PME activities such as seminars or conferences throughout the year that the rest of the force may benefit from viewing? Why not arrange to have your PME event livestreamed or recorded and published here on The Cove? Contact us at to discuss livestreaming and recording opportunities.

Themes for 2024

If you need some inspiration to get writing, why not contribute something as part of our 2024 Themes? This year, The Cove will be placing particular emphasis on the following topics:

Large-Scale Combat Operations

Future Warfare

Ethical Decision-making

Read our 2024 Themes introductory article for inspiration on relevant topics to contribute to.

How To Contribute

Ensure you review our Editorial Policy and Submission Guidelines - these have recently been updated, so make sure you are familiar with them!

Make a Pitch - The Cove now requests Pitches prior to making a submission. This is to avoid contributors expending effort on content that may not be suitable for publication. Pitches should be maximum 200 words, cover the point/topic of your proposed submission, proposed submission category (Op-Ed, Essay, etc), and why (SME, qualification, experience) you are suited to contribute this content. Pitches are to be made to: and should include PITCH in the subject line.

Follow the steps under Submission Process in the link above to make a submission to The Cove!

Anything, anytime

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your content today and join our community of PME contributors. (Better yet, submit 10 and become a Cove Frequent Contributor!)

If you have any queries about submitting to The Cove, contact us at

The Cove is the space where you can contribute to the Professional Military Education of our Army. You will never know what impact your thoughts may have on someone else, or the organisation, unless you’re willing to share them. So get writing today and help enhance our Intellectual Edge!

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