One of our closest Australian Army #PME partners, Grounded Curiosity, have published an article by Luke Dawson and Benjamin Gray which complements much of the material that forms part of the #BreakIn tactical package. It is our privilege to connect you through to the article titled 'Australian Tactical Design: Development and use of Decisive Events'.

The article confronts the common errors and reasons behind the flawed understanding of Decisive Events across the Australian Army which often leads to them being abandoned as a tool. It goes on to explain the role, employment and function of Decisive Events, and how the formula commonly taught in training Tactical Critical Vulnerabilities (TCVs) + Essential Tasks (ETs) = Decisive Events (DEs) - has led to the conceptually incorrect and intellectually lazy production of DEs across Training Centres and tactical exercises.  

Of great help, is the discussion on common faults included by the authors to assist individuals in better understanding where mistakes are made. We highly recommend reading this Grounded Curiosity article before your next career course, regardless of how confident you are in your development of Decisive Events.