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Bridges Papers 2020 | Future Artillery and Joint Effects

By The Cove August 27, 2020

The Cove is proud to support papers from the Corps and Brigades of the Australian Army. The PDF link below will take you to the first set of papers, which has been produced by the Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery. 



The following was taken from the forward of the Bridges Papers:

The objective of this first iteration of the Bridges Papers was to harness the collective skills, knowledge and experience of the wider Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery with a focus on future artillery and joint effects concepts.

There was no specific theme to be pursued by potential authors, the only guidance was that this was an opportunity for all Gunners to challenge themselves with a piece of writing centred around conceptually provocative themes, encouraging thought and debate on a wide range of challenging and interesting ideas beyond the confines of the current, and to advance new and inventive concepts. Authors were encouraged to identify structural, procedural, cultural issues, identify holes in doctrine and capability and ways to fix them. Fictional, historical, tactical and cultural pieces are also encouraged, things that break away from traditional unit establishments or question conventional techniques.

While platforms and equipment are important, the people are the true capability of the Regiment and the intellectual and moral energy they bring. The introduction of new capabilities and equipment will bring forth new challenges, and the tempo of training, operations and capability development will not decrease. Channelling the ideas and innovation of new generations of Gunners is a significant part of future force structure, the adoption of new training approaches and how impending capability acquisitions are absorbed into the joint fires system. The Bridges Papers are a step towards providing an avenue for the bottom up advancement of ideas and concepts.


Brigadier Richard Vagg

Head of Regiment Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery



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