Over the next five weeks The Cove is deep diving into the topic of Combined Arms, one of our themes of 2023. As the exercise season wraps up, we will be presenting an ‘After Action Review’ of the training year and lessons learned from Talisman Sabre through a combined arms lens. We will explore combined arms from its origins through to the present day and beyond, as well as reflect on what was learnt this year.

This series will explore the following topics:

  • The history of combined arms and how it has developed in recent history.
  • What combined arms means from the perspective of multiple corps SMEs including infantry, artillery, aviation, and combat service support.
  • What combined arms looks like within a coalition and how we work with other nations to generate greater effects.
  • Lessons on combined arms from Exercise Talisman Sabre and other training activities this year, including interviews with soldiers and officers from the brigades.
  • What combined arms may look like in the future.

We will also announce our combined arms themed essay competition on 01 Sep 23 so stay tuned and start thinking about how combined arms may change over the coming years.

Come with us on a learning journey as we look into the past, unpack the present, and explore the future of combined arms.