The presentation took place at the Human Performance Optimisation Symposium hosted by 1 Brigade at the Darwin Convention Centre on 16 September '22.

Dr Michael (Mick) Drew is the Director of Defence Health Research within the Joint Capabilities Group. He oversees the strategy, governance and partnerships relating to health research as well as undertaking and commissioning research that preserves and optimises the health of the ADF. The primary purpose of health research in Defence is to: preserve the force to support ADF capability and optimise members' health over their life.

In his speech, Dr Drew discusses how health services support human performance, the relationship between an individual's health and their performance and the steps taken by Joint Health Command to enable ADF capability through health research.

This Cove Clips explores his work within the ADF Health Strategy, focusing on Pillar 4: Force Optimisation. The priority themes are musculoskeletal injuries, mental health and well-being, health system performance and efficiency, and health of the future warfighter. How is Defence enabling performance through health research and innovation?