Book reviews can present key summaries, literary criticism and promote active discussion regarding an author's ideas. This page provides a comprehensive index of book reviews relating to the profession of arms. New book review submissions to The Cove are always welcome and are a great place to reflect and share your thoughts on ideas presented within literary works. The Cove has partnered with BrothersNBooks, 'the world's coolest book club' to enable you to learn from others and choose your next book to read.


BrothersNBooks (BNB) is changing the stigma around reading. The platform is responsible for thousands of new readers finding purpose in the pages of books recommended by all.

BNB has donated over 6,000 books since its inception in 2020. It has established several libraries around Australia in the hopes of providing free education and professional development to those who support their community.

Map of BNB libraries.

BNB believe all people have a story to tell and that your experiences and advice can have a dramatic effect on others who are in a similar position. BNB provides a platform for people with varying struggles to connect with those who have triumphed over them.

Their mission is to promote self-education as a means to develop mentally resilient individuals by making it cool, creating community libraries, and sharing people's stories through book recommendations. Learn more about BNB, its founder Dylan Conway, and his story here.

Explore their book reviews on Instagram and Facebook. Then subscribe to their podcast series, ‘BrothersNBooks – The World’s Coolest Book Club’, available on Spotify and YouTube.

At The Cove, we think that BNB’s approach to reading, professional development and self-improvement is great; so we’ve partnered with BNB to bring you a combined library of both ours and their book reviews in one easy-to-browse resource.

Please note, BNB reviews are shared on Instagram and are not accessible on the DPN.

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