A global leader is an individual who inspires a group of people to willingly pursue a positive vision in an effectively organised fashion while fostering individual and collective growth in a context characterised by significant levels of complexity, flow, and presence.
– Mendenhall, Reiche, Bird, and Osland, 2012

This podcast series is produced by Bruce Palmer in tribute to Frank Marchetti's leadership and community service. Global leadership involves influencing the thinking, attitudes, and behaviours of a global community to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goals.

Francesco Enrico Marchetti (pictured above) died in 2017 of altitude sickness at 8,300 metres while trying to reach the summit of Mount Everest. He had been training for six weeks in altitude up to 7,000 metres and his group was well-supplied with oxygen. It was Frank's second attempt to reach the summit after a previous attempt was thwarted by a devastating earthquake in 2015.

Frank grew up in Mackay in central Queensland and managed a large engineering business for many years. As a Rifleman, Frank advanced from Private to Sergeant before undertaking officer training. At the same time he completed tertiary study while working, training, and raising a family. After leaving the Army, he moved into managing human resources at a sugar mill before relocating to Central Queensland University as a technical teacher and supervisor. He remained involved with Army in later years, including as a Parade Commander for ANZAC Day Dawn Services as well as a dedicated Army reservist working with Army cadets. 

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Episode 1: First in Any Organisation

Any idea is only as good as the people who use it, and Frank Marchetti used these principles to excel as a leader both in the Army and in the community. Find the Episode 1 – Debrief Template here.


Episode 2: Know What Your People Expect of You

This episode explains how knowing what your people expect of you, and what you expect of them, provides mental safety and is the foundation for high performance. Teams always perform better than groups. Open the Episode 2 – Debrief Template.


Episode 3: Global Leadership in Action

The first principle of leadership for anyone in the Defence Force or in business is to know what your people expect of you. Find out more in Bruce's example. Open the Episode 3 – Debrief Template.


Episode 4: Keep Your People Informed

This episode discusses how keeping your people informed leads to high performance. Remember: full and accurate information equals effective performance. Open the Episode 4 – Debrief Template.


Episode 5: Know Yourself, Know Your People

In this episode, Bruce explains what 'know yourself' and 'know your people' really means, and describes some examples of how it can be applied. Open the Episode 5 – Debrief Template.


Episode 6: Identify & Fix Your Mistakes, Seek & Accept Responsibility

Do you accept responsibility for your mistakes? Identifying and fixing mistakes is a value adding process; as you identify mistakes, you should correct them openly so that everyone can learn from them. Open the Episode 6 – Debrief Template.


Episode 7: Be Firm, Fair, & Approachable

As a global leader you may find yourself in a crisis situation where there are conflicting points of view on how to resolve it. If you have the best skill fit to end that crisis you will need to be firm, fair, and approachable. Open the Episode 7 – Debrief Template.


Episode 8: Give Praise Where Praise is Due, Don't Flog a Willing Horse & Series Summary 

In the series summary, the episode will explain the importance of giving praise where praise is due. In addition, the reasons not to flog a willing horse. If a person feels they have some control, and are accepted by their workmates they have no hesitation in giving all of their effort. Open the Episode 8 – Debrief Template.