Leadership in Focus is a podcast series produced by Regiment Sergeant Major Jason Moriarty. It discusses current issues regarding leadership, and broaches relevant and hot topics for leaders throughout Army and the wider Australian community.

Podcasts are released on a monthly basis, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest editions!

Jason has been a great contributor for The Cove since its inception. Why not check out some of Jason's previous articles before listening to the podcasts? You can find them here:


Episode 1 – Ethical Decision Making

Ethical decision making has been at the forefront of PME for the last couple of years. In this episode Jason and Chaplain Michael Folland discuss the many issues surrounding this topic.


Episode 2 – Reflection on 2022 Cove Challenge: 'My Most Important Leadership Lesson'

In this episode Jason discusses the 2022 Cove Challenge with Captain David Shaw, WO2 Mark Wheeler and SGT Poata Kaukau. They discuss responses that resonated with them while adding some conversation themselves.

Captain David Shaw is an infantry officer currently serving as the Adjutant of the Queensland University Regiment. Captain Shaw recently completed three years (2018 – 2021) as a platoon commander at the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment during the unit’s rotation as the Ready Battle Group. 

Warrant Officer Class Two Mark Wheeler is a member of the Royal Australian Artillery currently serving as the Operations Warrant Officer of the Queensland University Regiment. Warrant Officer Wheeler has recently completed appointments as a Battery Sergeant Major with the 1st Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery and as the Sergeant Major Instructor in Gunnery with 5th/11th Light Battery, 9th Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery. 

Sergeant Poata Kaukau is an infantry sergeant currently serving as the Operations Sergeant of the Queensland University Regiment. Sergeant Kaukau recently completed two years (2020 – 2021) as a Military Instructor at the School of Infantry. Prior to that Sergeant Kaukau was posted to the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (2013 – 2019) during which time he deployed on Operation Highroad as a section commander.


Episode 3 – TBA