In the lead up to ANZAC Day we are following the footsteps of the original ANZACs as they prepared and trained for battle, landed at Gallipoli, and fought and withdrew from the trenches of what is now known as ANZAC Cove. We will also look into the origin of the ANZAC tradition beyond World War I, exploring why we now mourn, commemorate, and solemnise the landings at Gallipoli as one of the most significant times in our military and national history.

This series aims to reveal more about the circumstances surrounding the Gallipoli campaign and is sure to expand your knowledge of the history of ANZAC. It will also inform your understanding on the background of some key British and Australian characters embedded into our history as a nation.

Released over six weeks, each week we will uncover little known facts about the history of our military, our nation, and those who forged our past.

Follow the journey as we walk alongside our ancestors on the Path to the Gallipoli Campaign:

  1. Plans for Formation and Embarkation
  2. Lieutenant General William Birdwood takes Command of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
  3. Preparations for Battle
  4. Movement to Gallipoli Peninsula
  5. The Landing and Beyond
  6. Evacuation and Reorganisation
  7. Creation of the ANZAC Tradition

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Bravery. Courage. Lest We Forget.

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