Having seen the popularity of The Cove's Tips for Commanding Officers page, we've decided to dig into our back catalogue and put together a similar resource for sub-unit commanders. The links below are specific for sub-unit command and include reflections and guidance to help you best prepare for what will be the most important appointment of your career so far.

Army Knowledge Centre – Sub-Unit Command Handbook 2021

In 2021 Army Knowledge Centre released an updated Sub-Unit Command Handbook. This is a handy guide compiled from observations from OCs and SMs who have worked in a sub-unit HQ. The guide is divided into six parts:

  1. Preparation for Sub-Unit Command
  2. Getting Established
  3. Routines
  4. Ready Now and Future Ready
  5. Common Issues and Solutions
  6. Dealing with Significant Issues

Find it here: Sub-Unit Command Handbook 2021.

We wish those undertaking their sub-unit command the very best for their postings. We'd love it if those who have experienced sub-unit command write a reflection and advice for others.