Listen to this tailored collection of podcast episodes to learn more about the war between Russia and Ukraine. From Dmytro Gurin's perspective as a serving Member of Parliament in Ukraine to Wolfgang Sporrer's in-depth perspective on the dramatic shifts that have shaped this ongoing conflict, Voices of War scratches below the simple narratives of the Russo-Ukrainian War through the voices of those who understand its complexities. Discover what Australian can learn about contemporary warfare from the ongoing conflict.


Dmytro Gurin – The View from Ukraine

Dmytro Gurin is a currently serving Member of Parliament in Ukraine. Dmytro is originally from Mariupol, the besieged city in south-eastern Ukraine that is capturing global headlines, where he spent his childhood and went to university. In the past, Dmytro spent more than a decade living in Moscow and is very familiar with Russian political and media machinations. 

Some of the topics covered are: the general Russian orientation towards Ukraine, life in the besieged city of Mariupol, and what Ukraine needs from the West.


Duncan Spinner – The Fight for at-risk Ukrainians

Since 2015, Duncan Spinner has been working in Ukraine and for four years was the OSCE Head of Operations for Luhansk. Apart from sharing information on the current situation in Ukraine, this episode is also an appeal for your help in getting at-risk individuals out of harm’s way. As you’ll find out, Duncan and a small team of professionals are informally helping some of the most-vulnerable civilians whose lives are in grave danger. 

Providing a snapshot of Duncan's extensive experience working in conflict affected nations. Some of the other topics covered are: questioning the Russian mindset, the reality of those fleeing Ukraine, and getting personal protective equipment to fighters in Ukraine.


Arne Dalhaug – On the Current Russia/Ukraine Crisis (Special Release)

Lieutenant General (Ret.) Arne Bård Dalhaug has had an extensive and distinguished career serving at the highest levels of the Norwegian Armed Forces, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, as well as NATO. His several final postings in uniform as a three-star general include serving as the Chief of Defence Staff/Deputy Chief of Norwegian Armed Forces, as the Norwegian Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee, and as the Commandant at the NATO Defense College. After retiring from the military, Arne served for three years in a senior management position for the OSCE in the non-government-controlled area in eastern Donbas in Ukraine. Arne now works as an independent expert on NATO, Russia and conflicts in the post-Soviet domain.

During our conversation we covered topics such as: reasons behind President Vladimir Putin's actions, NATO cohesion and current posture, and impact of the media on the current crisis.


Coming Soon

  • Wolfgang Sporrer – Providing Nuance to the Crisis in Ukraine (Special Episode) (available on 08/12)
  • Mike Martin & Arne Dalhaug – Update on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (available on 22/12)
  • Arne Dalhaug & Wolfgang Sporrer  – On the War in Ukraine (available on 12/01/23)