Albert Finnsson

Warrant officer Class Two (WO2) Albert Finnsson was born in Melbourne, Victoria on the 3rd of May 1979 and enlisted into the Australian Regular Army on the 1st of November 1999 as an infantry Soldier in the 6th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment. Since this time WO2 Finnsson has enjoyed postings to the School of Infantry, 8/9 RAR, RMC-D and 9 RQR before returning to 6 RAR to fulfil roles as OPSWO, CSM A Coy and finally CSM SPT Coy. Currently WO2 Finnsson is posted to 20th Regt, RAA as BSM CSS Bty.

WO2 Finnsson has been fortunate enough to be deployed across the Middle East and South East Asia and has enjoyed training opportunities within South East Asia and the United States. Service highlights for WO2 Finnsson include being deployed with SOTG in 2006 and working with the MRF-D in 2019.

WO2 Finnsson enjoys weekends working on his property as he and his wife Katrina work to complete their first, owner builder home. They have two children, Jacob and Sharnee.


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