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David Horton
Lieutenant Colonel

David Horton is a part-time Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Army, serving as one of the Directing Staff at the Australian War College. Armed with a Science degree in Mathematics and Astrophysics from ANU, he was commissioned into Infantry, specialising in combat engineering and intelligence. David has commanded at Platoon, Company, and Brigade HQ as Chief of Staff, and served as a staff officer at every level in Defence, including Joint HQ. His expertise in C4I began at HQADF in the 1990s and continued with the Battlefield Command Support System. After a short stint at Parliament House, David accepted a role with Microsoft in Canberra, later transferring to Seattle. As Program Manager Government, he ran the Defense Messaging System, and Joint Development Programs for USAF and US Army. David is now Systematic’s Vice President for Asia Pacific, delivering the interim Battle Management System to the Australian Army. He also serves on the Board of the Australian Defence Information and Electronic Systems Association (ADIESA).