Joe Read

Captain Joe Read is a British Education Officer currently working with The Cove team while on an Exchange Programme called Exercise LONG LOOK.  In the UK he is posted to HQ Initial Training Group as SO3 Plans, Innovation & Education.  He is interested in developing innovative education and training, as well as how Grit, Growth Mindset, Philosophy and Creativity could accelerate our development.

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Unit PME

Cove Conference Sydney: Reflective Practice with Joe Read

On the 30th of May 2019 the Cove Team conducted the inaugural Cove Conference in Sydney. In this first video from the day, Joe Read talks about 'Reflective Practice' and identifies simple ways to incorporate it into everyday life to make us better decision makers.

By Joe Read


The Best Musical Theatre for PME

Why a Pom believes a musical about the American revolution holds the key to effective PME

By Joe Read