Renton McRae

CHAP Renton McRae enlisted in the ARA in June 1982 as an infantry soldier. He passed selection for SASR in 1985 and served in 3 SAS Squadron, specialising in vehicle mounted operations. CHAP McRae discharged from Army to pursue theological studies with the long term goal of returning to Army as a chaplain.  After completing a Diploma of Ministry (Hon) and a Bachelor of Theology CHAP McRae was commissioned as a minister of religion in 1995 and served as the senior minister at Tuggeranong Churches of Christ ACT.  

In 2006 CHAP McRae joined the army reserve as a chaplain and transferred to the regular army in 2008. Operational experience was gained on Op ASTUTE (TLBG5) and Op SLIPPER (MTF2).  In 2012 CHAP McRae completed a Master of Ministry through Charles Sturt University in chaplaincy and counselling with a focus on PTSD and the emergence of moral injury. CHAP McRae has served as the COORD CHAP of 7 BDE and is presently the COORD CHAP at RMC-D.

CHAP McRae has been married for 33 years and has four children and two grandchildren. Outside of the uniform he loves to garden, read and reflect on life, enjoying good food and making memories with family and friends.


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Break In

Reflections on the Foibles of Chaplaincy

Are Chaplains relevant in the Army of today? In this post Army Chaplain Renton McRae uses his experience to give us some views on the role of the Chaplain in the modern Army.

By Renton McRae