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By The Cove July 16, 2021
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Did you know The Cove is on Spotify and Apple Podcasts? 

If you are someone who prefers to listen to podcasts in the car on your commute to and from work, you are in luck! We have over 95 podcasts now available for you to listen to that will keep you engaged for hours.

From short hints and tips and soldiers 5's, to interviews with personnel on operations and elite athletes, we're confident you will find something that interests you.

Our podcasts will keep you entertained, informed and learning something new at the click of a button. Why not search for us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts?! Current topics include:

  • Centre for Australian Army Leadership Podcasts
  • Cove Conference Presentations
  • Elite Athlete interviews
  • Leadership in Focus
  • Our Stories - ADF on Operations
  • Amphibious Capability discussions
  • Interviews with Army personnel on Ex HAMEL
  • Royal Military College interviews
  • Experiences on the Ground - WONCO-A
  • 7 RAR on deployment
  • Senior Officer Interviews

If you think you have a story or information worth sharing - reach out to us so we can sit down, record and allow others to tune-in to what you have to say. Contact us at soldiercove [at]

Click here to start listening to what is currently on offer on Spotify or Apple Podcasts today! Remember to check back regularly for new releases. 








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