Listen to the following collection of podcast episodes to learn more about PTSD, trauma and recovery. Hear from experts like Philippa Weiland, Ashley Judd, and more on their experiences.


Tom and Jen Sattery – The all secure foundation

Tom Sattery is a highly decorated combat veteran who has spent 25 years in the US Army, with the last 20 in Delta Force. Jen Sattery was an award-winning filmmaker and photographer who has spent several years as Director of Film and Photography at an elite Special Operations training company fully embedded with Navy SEALS, Green Berets and Army Rangers. We talked about; Tom’s first combat experience in Mogadishu, the price of service paid by those in uniform, their joint non-profit ‘All Secure Foundation’, as well as their family, trauma, recovery and many other topics.


Steve Dennis – On getting shot, kidnapped and the court case that sent tremors through the humanitarian aid industry

After working as a civil engineer in Canada in the late 1990’s, Steve Dennis started working as a field-based humanitarian aid worker in 2002. He worked in Africa, Asia and the Middle East for various NGOs and UN agencies which include; the World Food Programme, Médecins Sans Frontières, United Nations Department of Safety and Security, and others.


Will Yates and Joe McCleary – On trial for war crimes: A soldier's experience

Will Yates is a freelance writer, documentary producer and investigative researcher for television, film and radio with more than 18 years experience producing factual programming for outlets such as The National Geographic, BBC and the History Channel. Throughout his career, he has spent many years investigating the war in Iraq and recently published his first book titled ‘War Trials: Investigation of a Soldier and the Trauma of Iraq’. The book is a true account of Joe’s time serving in Iraq as a British soldier in 2003 and his role in the tragic death of a 15-year-old Iraqi boy which lead to multiple war crime court cases of which he was ultimately cleared. Throughout the ordeal, Joe battled with severe mental health issues and has tried to take his own life numerous times.


Philippa Weiland – Perspective of an Army Psychologist

Pip commissioned into the Australian Army Psychology Corps in 2003 and in her career performed diverse roles across clinical, organisational, professional development, research and staff positions. She has deployed to the Solomon Islands, Iraq and to Afghanistan on two occasions. Whilst deployed to Afghanistan, she was the lead in the critical incident response to Australian Army soldiers killed in action. She ended her military career in 2020, as the Commanding Officer, 1st Psychology Unit.


Ashley Judd – On combat, mental health and the road to recovery

Ashley Judd went through Army officer training at the Royal Military College – Duntroon in 2007. Since then, Ash spent 8 years in the Army and is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Due to his experiences of that war, and his actions and responsibilities in the line of duty, Ash faced significant challenges and was ultimately diagnosed with PTSD. In the years following, he became somewhat of a spokesperson for lifting the veil of shame on PTSD. I think this is an incredibly important conversation, both because Ash spoke so candidly and openly about his experience, but also because it sheds much light onto the fact that recovery is possible.


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