Welcome to our highly anticipated 'War in the Sand Pit' conference series of videos. The conference was held in Brisbane on 12-13 May 2017 and was sponsored by Military History & Heritage Victoria, the Australian National University, and the Returned & Services League of Australia, Queensland Branch. We hope you enjoy all the presentations which the speakers have generously agreed to share with us.

The presentations represent the speakers' personal views based on their own experiences, and the context relevant to them and their individual role at the time. This presentation on Maritime Operations is delivered by Vice Admiral Peter Jones, AO, DSC, RAN the former Maritime Inception Operations Screen Commander in 2003.

Vice Admiral Peter Jones, AO, DSC, RAN had three deployments to the Gulf, the last as the Royal Australian Navy Task Group Commander and the Coalition Maritime Interception Operations Screen Commander in 2002-2003. He is now President of the Australian Naval Institute and an Adjunct Professor in the Naval Studies Group at the University of New Souths Wales.