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SGT Carlos Barrera
Carlos Barrera

Sergeant Carlos Barrera was born on 07 October 1989 in Melbourne, Victoria. He enlisted into the Army Reserve on 03 April 2007 as a rifleman in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

Sergeant Barrera completed his Initial Employment Training at Murray Bridge, and was posted to the 8/7 Battalion, the Royal Victorian Regiment. On the 23 October 2009, he transferred to the Australian Regular Army and posted to the Second Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment.

As a private in Reconnaissance Platoon he was awarded a Soldier’s Medallion for assisting in training and implementing patrol signallers in the suite of Harris Radio systems. During his tenure at the unit, Sergeant Barrera served in Signals Platoon as a detachment commander, in Reconnaissance Platoon as a patrol commander, in a Rifle Company as a section commander, in BHQ as the Regimental Police Corporal and Alpha Company as a Rifle platoon Sergeant.

In 2017, Sergeant Barrera posted to the School of Infantry as a Combat Shooting Instructor in Specialist Wing. Sergeant Barrera is currently posted to the Second Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment as the Signals Platoon Sergeant.
During his time in the Army, Corporal Barrera has served on operation at home during Operation VIC FIRE ASSIST in 2009 and abroad in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2019. He was awarded the Australian Active Service Medal with clasp ICAT, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, Infantry Combat Badge, Australian Defence Medal, NATO Article 51 medal with clasp ISAF, NATO Article 51 medal with clasp Afghanistan, Operational Service Medal and the United States Army Commendation Medal.

Sergeant Barrera has two children Lola and Coco. Sergeant Barrera enjoys spending time with his family outdoors, going to the beach, shooting and gardening.