This is the fourth in our series of videos from the Australian Army 7th Brigade's Hybrid Warfare Symposium.

In this 23 minute presentation Prof Michael Evans from the Australian Defence College challenges the entire idea of the conference. He argues that 'hybrid warfare' is in no way a new term, and that militaries are wrapping themselves up in conceptual confusion. He sees this as being potentially deeply damaging for military art.

Have a watch. Prof Evans asks four key questions:

1. Is hybrid warfare old or new?

2. What are the different approaches to hybrid warfare, and how is it defined?

3. What are the problems for us, as militaries, of bringing together non-state 'hybrid warfare' and state-led hybrid warfare (sometimes called 'gray zone' conflict'.

4. What are the implications of all the questions above for strategy and for military art?

Once you've watched his presentation, what do you think the answers to these four questions are?  Why not sketch out some notes?

If you're interested in Prof Evan's work, you can watch a presentation he gives on strategic failure in Rhodesia here. You can also read his award winning (and perhaps life changing) essay on stoicism and the profession of arms by clicking here.